Welcome to Farzana's Beauty Salon

Farzana choudhury
Salon manager/director

A Creative Beauty Therapist

I am an enthusiastic person who intends to make great achievement in the beauty and wellbeing industry.

I developed passion for beauty at a younger age, ever since then my interest in beauty industry grew. and I always wanted to give something to my local customers and make them feel good, I have been working for 5-star spas for a good number of years.

I worked at Luton Hoo & at Aqua Sana Canter Parcs, Sopwell House Spa, where I attained so much experience.

The kind of beauty of knowledge & experience I have attained in these three Spas, have given me the confidence to start up my own Salon to offer professional and efficient services to my community. Farzana’s beauty salon will provide holistic harmony of nature to all social status in spite of income level. furthermore, I have completed spa management degree and have the academic experience required for this business. & I believe obtaining my degree in this field would benefits all loyal customers who visit us at Farzana’s beauty.

My goal is to make all our loyal customers feel good & ensure high standards of beauty treatments with a friendly safe environment.


Party make-up £50
Day make-up £30
Evening make-up £40

Asian Bridal package

Bridal make up trial £45
Hair up trial £25
Full Nikka hair & make up £150
Registry make up £100
Asian wedding day
Includes: lashes, jewellery & dupatta settings
Bridesmaids hair & make-up £65/pp
Children hair & make-up £45
brand uses: (Mac, NARS, Bobbi Brown, Bare minerals, Kryolan makeup)

Hair styling

Hair up from £25
Hair straitening or curl £20
Party hijab £25
Bridal hijab trial £30
Hair extension to add volume £15
(hair not provided)
Ear Piercing (Includes ear stud and after care solution) £15
Temporary tattoos from £5
Mendi (Hannah) from £5

Eye care

Eyebrow tint £8
Eyelash tint £12
Brow and lash tint £18
Eye lash Lift/perm £40
Strip lashes £5.50
Cluster lashes £15
Individual lashes £30
Infill £15


Eyebrow £3.50
Upper lips £3.50
Chin £4
Sides/Cheeks £4.50
Full face & neck £15.50


Eyebrow £6.50
Eyebrow wax £8.50
Upper lips £6.50
Upper lips & chin £10
Chin £9
Forehead £6
Sides/cheeks £7
Full face £22.50
Half legs £19.50
Full legs £25.50
Bikini £12
Under arm £11.50
Full arm £19
Half arm £14.50
Hollywood wax £26.50


Manicure £25
Luxury manicure £30
File and polish only £15
Gel polish £25
Gel polish with extension £35
UV gel nail extension with free colours £40


Pedicure with polish £25
File and polish only £15
Shellac pedicure £35
Luxury pedicure £40
Brand uses Footlogix & O.P.I

Holistic treatments/Massage

Take a moment to relax and relieve all the stress and tension of the day & restore the inner glow. Experience optimum treatments that exceed your expectations, unwind and Indulge yourself with an ancient holistic treatment, performed by a professional specialist therapist who is truly passionate about the natural healing powers of therapeutic touch & always treat you as an individual & take a holistic approach.

Treatments specifically tailored to suit each individuals physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. an initial assessment is carried out to identify any health concern, expert advice on relaxation techniques or on diet and nutrition are discussed between the sessions.


Ayurvedic is a traditional ancient Indian holistic system which is based on achieving mental and physical harmony with nature it is a science of yoga and a healing process, that treat and prevent any symptom,in Ayurvedic mind body work together in maintain balance,it’s all about understanding of your own self.

Basic foundation of ayurvedic is based on 5 elements which is space, earth, water, fire, air, these 5 elements combined in to 3 Dosha, which are Vata, Pitta, Kapa, these elements are character of your body, they control how your body works,

Health benefit

Ayurvedic massage have many advantages for individual including releasing stress and tension, improving sleep patterns increasing joints mobility Improving muscle tone; and lowering blood pressure Ayurvedic massage is a key part of ayurvedic therapy, the body love to have it organ, oil is mainly used in ayurvedic massage to soften, and nourish skin

A treatment will begin with a consultation to understand your Dosha type and the therapist will discuss your character of your Dosha and providing guidelines on daily routines, advice you through your nutrition, how to keep fit and meditate yourself. Treatment will be offered to you based on your Dosha type and carefully select the specific aromatic oil to suit your Dosha type.

The main purpose of this massage treatment is to cleansing your body and syndrome, it is designed to alleviate symptoms and restore harmony and balance.

Ayurvedic Full Body Massage with Exfoliation & Herbal Compress. 60 minutes £90 30mins back £35

Full body exfoliation with natural salt blended with ayurvedic oil removed with warm mitts, an aromatic oil massage performed with fast movement to energise of the body.

Ayurvedic bolus - steamed herbal compress used on back of the body it is perfect for over worked muscle, stress neck shoulder to relax sore muscle and joints.

Shirodara - a warm oil pured onto your third eye and gently massage scalp, to stimulate the scalp nourish the hair root, reduce stress, balance and nourish the emotion.

herbal compress

Ayurvedic Back Massage with Herbal Compress 25 minutes £45 60mins full body £70

Therapeutic Ayurvedic herbal powder mixed and tied into a muslin cloth filled with special ingredients from India known as bolus After warming, oil is applied to the body using the bolus rubbed in reverse direction an ayurvedic massage technique using fingers or palm, and fast movement, This therapy combining pressure to specific marma points, to relieve stress and negative emotions. Removing toxin and blockages, This treatment is great for weak joints and sore muscle, arthritis, weight reduction and skin disease

herbal compress

Shirodora Treatments Only 55 minutes £75

It is an effective healing therapy for calming and grounding the nervous system as well as reducing chronic stress, wash away tensions & headache, hair loss, anxiety, improve memory Warm dosha -specific oil poured in a slow rhythmic movement over forehead, using a cap, followed by a scalp massage

Ayurvedic shirodhara stand & pure pots will ensure a continues flow of oil is smoothly delivered for 20 to 25 minutes.

Ayurvedic Salt Scrub with Back Massage 25 minutes £40

A treatment that originated in the Vedic culture of India, this cleansing treatment uses specific Himalayan salt and mixed with ayurvedic dosha oil, to exfoliate skin surface, leaving skin nourish and replenish tired and dry skin. Excellent for blood circulation, and remove dead skin cells.

salt scrub

Ayurvedic facial with massage 25 minutes £45

This Indian ancient facial that uses dosha type oil, steam & personalised ayurvedic mask are applied.

This natural herbal facial treatment is very effective for acne, blemishes, dark circles & reduces line & wrinkle, enhance elasticity, nourish, purifies, and rejuvenates. working on the face neck and head, pressure to mama points to increase energy flow. this facial is ideal for any skin type

Thai Yoga Massage 60 minute £70

A Traditional Thai massage is an ancient system of healing with its roots in yoga. This unique and complete system of yoga therapy focused and rhythmic pressure applied to specific muscles tissue to open channels that will improve the flow of energy throughout the body.

Treatment performed on a traditional Thai massage mat on the floor and through loose fitting clothing, commence with a Himalayan salt foot bath to greet and refresh the feet.

It employs combinations of rhythmic acupressure a gentle twisting, rocking & yoga style deep stretches of the entire body, pulling fingers, toes, using therapist hands, knees, legs, or feet to help manipulate the client’s body into different position. And release muscle pains and tension as well as improving joint mobility and enhance flexibility.

Thai oil massage 60 minute £65

A warmed base oil/balm application on the body and massage head to toe with various massage movement using, palms, thumbs, forearm and elbow, knees and stretching techniques. This massage will improve blood circulation, reduces stress and relive pain perfect for muscular tension and joint stiffness.

oil massage

Japanese Facial 90 minute £75, 60 minute £65

It is a holistic ancient Japanese spiritual practice that helps increasing positive energy referred to as Ki meaning life- force energy which emphasizing the prevention of problems rather than the curing of existing ones, its help calms mind and body, promote harmony and peace balance emotional condition, improve overall health.

A natural face lift facial, remove toxin, reduces appearance of line and wrinkle, enhance elasticity, leaving skin youthful, nourished and glowing,

Treatment begin with foot ritual and energy clearing, suction cleanse & Japanese face lifting massage application, around the face neck & shoulder a deep kneading technique working on underneath the surface tissue, working on meridian lines which clear any blockage, and balancing energy in the body A Japanese organic cooling green tea or vitamin peel off mask application & finish with personalised toner, moisturiser to keep skin hydrate.

Sport massage /deep tissue 60 min £90 (Full body) 30 min back only £35

Full body Swedish 60 min £40 30 min back only £25

Aromatherapy full body 60 min £ 50 30 min back only £35

Hot stone full body £ 65 min £55 30 min back only £35

Body scrubs full body £65 back only £35



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